Hide and Not Worth Seeking

Story Submitted by Ethan:

Suzanne had a novel idea for our date.  We had been planning to meet up in the city.  By phone, she said, "If we're already booking out the day for each other, let's do something fun!  How about a hide-and-seek date?"

Her plan was to hide somewhere in the city, text me clues, and then once I found her, our date would commence.  It sounded like fun, and I told her that I was on board.

The day of the date, she texted me, "Come find me!" in the morning.

I texted back, "Hint?"

She said, "Come find me!" again.  I assumed that a hint would be forthcoming, and so I dressed and left my place.

I went to a centrally located area and texted her, "I'm in the city.  Where should I look?"

She wrote back, "I'm in the city!  Come find me!"

I wrote, "Yes, but I need a hint.  I can't look everywhere."

No response.  I was hungry, and so I grabbed a quick breakfast from a local vendor.  I texted, "I'm having breakfast.  Where can I find you?"

No response.  I walked around for a bit, as, luckily, it was a nice day out.  My phone rang.  It was her.  I picked it up, and she hung up.  I texted her, "Where are you?"

She texted, "Don't have another meal without me.  Minus ten points!"

I wrote, "This is getting frustrating.  Tell me where I can find you."

She wrote back, "If you looked, you'd find me.  Start looking."

I wondered at that point if she was somewhere nearby, keeping an eye on me the whole time.  Maybe she just wanted me to look around for a bit, and then she'd reveal herself.  So that's what I did, for about an hour.

After I did a sufficient amount of searching, I called her.  It went to voicemail.  I texted her, "I'm tired of spending our date without you.  Tell me where you are, of I'm going to have lunch without you, too."

No response.  At that point, I decided to not contact her again unless she wrote to me.  I had lunch, took another brisk walk around the area, sat on a bench for a bit, and made for home.  She didn't write back to me at all that day.

The next day, I woke up to find that she had sent me a text at four in the morning.  "Where are you?" it asked.

It was 9am, and I texted back, "Home.  Maybe we should have proper date next time."

She texted back almost immediately, "Come find me!"

I'm not lying when I say that for the next few weeks, almost once a day, she'd send me a "Come find me!" text.  I ignored them all.  Hopefully, someone, somewhere ended up finding her.  I sure didn't.


  1. Probably just wanted to be able to tell her girlfriends be suckered some dud into wandering around the city looking for her.

  2. Sounds like mental illness.

  3. Heh. That reminded me a lot of the Kakapo passage in Last Chance To See. Their mating call is a deep bass, so carries over great distances, but is hard to pinpoint: Every mating ritual becomes "Come find me" - "Where are you?" - "Come find me" and so on.

    It certainly doesn't help the Kakapo's critically endangeredness status (:

  4. Aw man I loved last chance to see, Stephen Fry is an English hero.


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