You Say Possessive, I Say Marriage

Story Submitted by Kevin:

Betsy asked me early on in our introductory e-mails if I was in contact with anyone else on the dating site.  I was, but no one particularly serious, so I told her, "A little here and there."

She replied, "Is that kind of like 'having sex a little here and there'?"

I told her, "No.  It's just writing."

"Writing about sex?"


My possessive sense was tingling, but that was all she wrote about it, and then she went on about some other topics that I found more interesting.

We met up on a summer day and opted for a walk downtown.  At one point, I had to use a restroom, and it was about time for lunch, so we found a place, sat down, and I went to excuse myself for the bathroom when she snapped her fingers and held her hand out to me.

"Your phone," she said.

I glanced from her palm to her face.  "My phone?  Why?"

"You might be calling one of those online girls that you don't fuck.  Give me your phone."

I said, "I wasn't going to call anybody, and I'm not giving you my phone.  How do I know you won't go through it while I'm away."

"So you have things on there that you want to hide from me.  Interesting."

I said, "If you're not going to trust me, then maybe we should call it a day."

She replied, "You're sure acting like a guy with something to hide.  Maybe we should call it a day, as I evidently can't trust you."

She stood up to go, and I watched.  After taking a few steps, she said, "Aren't you going to try to stop me?"

I said, "I can't see why I would.  I don't mesh well with possessive people."

She said, "Give me a reason to not be possessive."

I said, "I don't have to give you a reason.  You trust me or you don't.  Your decision."

She said, "Bye, then," and left.  This was a few years ago.  Last I heard, she was married.  How do people like this find mates?


  1. Through a friend of a friend.. and also finding an emotionally weaker, insecure mate & dominating them through fear and intimidation is also a possibility.

  2. I love it when total strangers demand things of each other, as if not having any emotional, financial or other ties to another human being gave you any leverage whatsoever to demand anything.

    People who demand things are morons.

  3. Asking for your phone on a first date wasn't a big deal. She could have asked you to buy her a $600 hat.

  4. Or some creepy candle effigies of children THAT MUST NEVER BE BURNED!!!!


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