Depends. Is the Lamp Also Made of Chicken?

E-mail Submitted by Sara:

K so I'm looking for sex and I won't stop til I get it.  I have anything to give to you if you let me lay into you for one night as many times as I want.  I can buy you a bucket of chicken (not more than one - been taken advantage of before) or I have this old shitty lamp thing that's metal and from my family.  No bulb or shade but it's a woman with some crystals.  Probably valuable.  Maybe whatever.  In or not>?



  1. I guess Drake has never heard of prostitutes.

  2. Prostitutes don't like when you pay with a bucket of chicken. Even if you try to explain the monetary value of the bucket of chicken.
    I eat alone over the kitchen sink :(

  3. You know how a woman and KFC are similar?

    Once you get past the breast and thighs, all you are left with is a greasy box!

  4. Howie, that was an epic fail at a joke.

  5. Way to sell that lamp Drake

  6. ^ <3 the English humour

  7. I can give you anything, as long as you limit yourself to a broken lamp or a bucket of chicken.

  8. speaking of fail....what kind of name is '1f7da6ca-33aa-11e0-b4fa-000bcdcb471e'

    did your pass out on your keyboard when you signed up? sheesh.

  9. I can buy you a bucket of chicken (not more than one - been taken advantage of before)

    I love that he considers TWO buckets of fried chicken to be a woman "taking advantage" of him!

  10. Whoa whoa whoa.... Nikki is making quite the assumption here. Drake never said that the chicken would be pre-fried. If he's trying to pawn off a broken lamp, who are we to think that he wouldn't try to give away a bucket of raw chicken?


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