Wow. You'd Do That for Me?

E-mail Submitted by Helen:

Hello there miss I can spell every word right on my profile!  What a breath of fresh air your profile is. 

I'm Andy and I love it when smart women show up on these sites.  It's rare as I'm sure you'll agree.  Something else we can maybe agree on is maybe you finally telling me how many guys you've fucked.  It will help me make the distinction on your part of you being a pure girl or more of a whore girl.  Pure girl?  Welcome to the fold!  My fold.  Whore girl?  Get lost!  Not really, as we can still be friends but nothing beyond this.

Telling me straight now will avoid heartache and lust loss in the future, so please be honest.

With anticipation,


  1. Helen,

    Please describe yourself in minute detail so I can decide if you deserve to exist.


  2. And what is the magic number that crosses the line from pure to whore?? Two? Five? Twenty?

  3. I don't understand why so many boys think that they're so important as bedpartners while all the previous boys are merely slut-inducing. To the boy after you, you're just one number higher.

  4. I'm with Nikki. Just take out that silly bit about double standards... and that last part to Andy. Andy has a manageable and treatable condition that has minimal negative side effects.


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