Some Therapist Is Missing Out on a Fortune

Story Submitted by Troy:

Chrissy confessed to me online that she had a hard time trusting guys after her last two boyfriends had cheated on her.  I was as sympathetic as possible, and after a couple of weeks of friendly messages, we decided that it was time to meet.

At lunch, we talked about this and that, and she asked me about my friends, the sort of people they were, and so forth.  She asked, "Do you have any good female friends?"

I told her that I did.  She then asked me if I had dated any of them, and I told her that I had, but things didn't work out for one reason or another. 

"So you've already cheated on me.  And here I thought you were different," she said, and smiled as if she had just dealt me a killing blow.

I explained, "I can't have cheated on you.  We're not together.  And what business is it of yours if I've dated other people in the past?"

"Just what the others said," she told me, "And then, 'Whoops!  We've cheated on you!  Sorry, Chrissy!  Tough shit!'"

"But I'm not those guys."

"'Your heart's worth shit, so we don't care if we tear it into a thousand pieces!  We're guys, so we can do whatever we want!  Whatever we want!'"

Her voice had become a bit louder, and told her, "I think you've made your point."

"'You're letting us fuck up your life?  Don't mind if we do, Chrissy!  Don't mind if we do!'"  She ceased her impersonations and said, "See?  That's what you're all like.  So why should I believe you?"

I tried once more.  "Because I'm different from them."

"They said the same thing.  Try again."

"I shouldn't have to try.  Do you trust me or not?"

"You're a guy."

"So why did you even meet up with me today?"

She said, "I guess I should've asked you if you fucked all of your female friends before we wasted time doing this, huh?"

I corrected her, "I didn't fuck all of them."

"You fucked some, though?"


She left.


  1. What a sad, sad woman. Like you, I would have met up with her despite the warning flags. At least you get a story out of it.

  2. Logic: if having dated others in the past is cheating, she's a cheating cheater who cheated on you.

  3. I can sympathize with the trust issues. However, she's gone beyond trust issues into downright illogical. Good on OP for giving her a chance, too bad she didn't deserve it.


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