What the Wrong Side of the Bed Looks Like

E-mail Submitted by L.:

(L. says: "The title of my profile was 'Looking for Honesty.'")

I;ll be completely honest!!!!.  Over 98% of the fgals here are:

Short, FAT, ugly SLuts, Whores, Pigs, Gold Diggers, or White tyerashs!!!!!!!>  Most like you would;nt know how to sickc a cock, evenm if one were halfway down your FAY jaws.!!

Isn;t honesty just terrific>>>>>????????

ALso this is the wor;ds #1 premier low life over 187 FREE scum sucking site.!!  It;s the eBay of npm-dationg!!!!>!  Where all the LOSEWR pigs, like you post!!!!!!!.

So from all the men here; Eat shit then choke on it you CUNT !!!!!!>

Oh, wait we did find your Photo.  The one youu are so afraid that all the men think your as Pig.!!!

P.S.:  They are absolutely correct !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>


  1. I can't imagine why he would have any trouble getting dates.

  2. Yeah he was a peach. He also attached some weird animated picture where a rather large chick was looking in the mirror and the reflection was some skinny chick. Needless to say, I didn't write back...

  3. Ok..... then I am guessing someone peed in his cornflakes that morning

  4. what's wrong with short??

  5. Guy sounds legit, I say give him a call.


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