The Curse of the Gold Necklace

Story Submitted by Don:

Sue arrived at the restaurant sporting a gold necklace with a pretty pendant.  I asked her about it and she took it off to show me.  I handed it back to her and she asked me if I'd help her put it back on.  "It belonged to an ancestor," she told me, and I put it back on her.

After dinner, we went dancing, and at some point, she lost the pendant.  Poor Sue was a mess, and I suggested that we look for it.  Instead, she opted to blame me.

"You obviously put it on wrong.  It shouldn't have fallen off so easily!  It belonged to an ancestor!"

I told her, "I'm pretty sure that I put it on right, but let's try looking for it instead of yelling at me."

"I'm going to yell at you until you find it," she said.

"Good.  Nice and mature," I replied.  I looked around on the dance floor, asked a worker if anyone turned in a missing pendant, and offered to go back to the restaurant where we had dinner.

Sue said, "You go back.  I'm going to wait right here."

The restaurant wasn't far, so I went back there.  Sure enough, a hostess had found it, and the clasp was still intact.  The chain had broken, meaning that it fell off on its own: I had indeed put it on her correctly.

I returned to the dance place and gave it to her.  "Looks like it fell off on its own," I said.

She looked at it and said, "You broke it!"  I told her that the people at the restaurant found it like that.  She said, "No, you obviously broke it."

Without a word, I left her there, returned by myself to the restaurant, and called Sue from there.  It went to voicemail and I asked the hostess to tell Sue that she had found it broken.  I then went home, never to hear from Sue again.


  1. It went to voicemail and I asked the hostess to tell Sue that she had found it broken.

    In your own words: nice and mature.

  2. I understand her in being upset cause the pendant was an heirloom but seriously what's with you letting her treat 'n talk to you the way she did. You should've kept the pendant after finding it & sold it or traded it for a pair of cahones or at least a little bit of dignity.. just kidding but not really.

  3. Honestly? At "I'm going to yell at you until you find it" I would've left. You put up with way too much...

  4. Nikki: She didn't believe it when he told her that the first time. She might have taken him to court over it, depending on how valuable the thing was.

  5. Why would you try call to have the hostess tell her the pendant was found broken? You can't reason with crazy people, so don't bother trying. Also, why do you care if she believes you when (I hope) you already knew you didn't want to see her again.

  6. The correct answer was "No" the entire time she blamed you for anything. She's not crazy, people like the OP have just let her get away with acting like this.

  7. I agree. She's not crazy--she's a brat. Having the hostess leave the message was a little much, because she obviously isn't someone particularly interested in logic or facts. She probably just said that the OP made the hostess lie. Either way, he's better off.

  8. It made him feel better and like the incident was closed. I'm good with that. I like to get the last word in when I'm right as well. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.


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