Send Him a Picture of Dame Edna

E-mail Submitted by Barbara:

Great pictures of you dancing.  I like your full body shots.  Most women don't include them and then you like their smiles and meet them in person and surprise!  36-26-80!

Lots of times women end up looking like their mothers.  I'd think that most women should put pictures of their mothers up so that we guys can see what we're getting into.  You can send me a picture of your mom (now time, not from the past) or describe her to me really well I trust you.

You can tell by my pictures and full body shots that I'm young, tall, handsome, and strong.  I eat so man raspberries it turns my skin purple!  Haha no but I eat such many of the fruits and it keeps me young and lean.

Occasionally I slip in the donut but you could never tell.  Men need to be tough and protecting and women need to be attractive and ready.  I was in good clubs in college.  I eat well.  It looks like you eat well too and you are what you eat!



  1. Okay I could let the first paragraph slide, maybe, but the second? Yeah no. Just bad after that.

  2. Ask him for a picture of his dad

  3. ^ Haha, yeah, I wonder how he would contend with that!

  4. Apparently he eats lots of nuts as well.

  5. man raspberries
    Occasionally I slip in the donut
    full body shots

    MAN the nuts he eats. Amiright?


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