What a Gentleman

E-mail Submitted by Karla:

I have a girlfriend but she sucks and that's where you come in.  You're pretty enough to fuck around with me in front of her so that she'll break up with me.  Sooner rather than later would be great, as I think she's going to do something real stupid real soon.

I'm not talking about sex I am a gentleman lol.  I mean just petting and making out passionately.  You won't have to do it for more than ten minutes although all minutes may not be consecutive.  Once she is broke up with me I can maybe date you (lol)!!

Thanks in advance and if you're interested in me then we should get to know each other.



  1. Disgusting. Why can't people just man up and deal with their problems?

  2. ... or you could stop being a pussy and dump her ass?

  3. ^I so agree! He's a gentleman? Ha, try growing a pair.

  4. The phrase, "I don't like you, and I'm currently trying to see other people..." is a perfectly good answer.


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