Thief School Dropout

Story Submitted by Cesar:

Sheri and I met on the Internet, we liked each other, and set up a date.  The city had set up an outdoor concert, so I offered to take her to it.

We met in the park, and she gave me a hug, which was unexpected, but I didn't mind it.  What I minded was her digging her fingers into my pocket, and trying to work my wallet out of it.

I pulled away and asked, "What are you doing?"

She said, "I like digging my hands into pockets when I hug."

I said, "Were you trying to take my wallet?"

"Oh my God!" she protested, "No!  No!  I wasn't!  Oh my God, I'm so sorry."  I took her word for it.  We walked to the concert area, I laid a blanket on the ground, and we sat to talk and listen.

Halfway through the second song, she edged closer to me, but I didn't do anything to indicate that I noticed.  Then, I felt it.  Her hand was in my pocket, and she was very slowly but very obviously working my wallet back and forth until she was able to slide it out.

I grabbed her wrist and she dropped my wallet on the blanket.  She blurted, "Someone just tried to take it, and I stopped them!"

It was the stupidest excuse for anything that I'd ever heard.  I put my wallet back in my pocket and we remained there, in silence, until the end of the concert.  After it was all over, I folded up the blanket, said bye, and left her there.


  1. Definitely a bad date, but it certainly falls below our normal caliber.

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  3. I would have relocated my blanket. At least she wasn't stupid enough to try it a third time.

    Is this the first theft on a first date we've had?

  4. First that I remember, you I admit, I didn't start at the beginning of the archives.

    And there have been some things that could be considered theft... like the lady trying to trick that guy into buying her "friend" a sandwich.

  5. Why didn't you leave after she tried to take your wallet OP?

    Also never leave your wallet in a back pocket. Its actually really easy to jack for an experienced pickpocket.

  6. Float- It all depends on how tight a person's pants are.

  7. I'm also wondering why you stayed.

  8. What about the birthday card stealer? He got cash money off her.

  9. ^Thank you! I had that feeling that this couldn't have been our first thief. :) Although he DID return her money and cards, from what I remember, so he was also a failed thief.

  10. Agree with Float On and On and on... Never put your wallet in a back pocket. Easy to steal, and when you sit, it can ride up and pop out of the pocket and be mislaid.

    Either this girl was a pickpocket, or she was trying to do the old 'help find your wallet/purse' trick. Makes the other person vulnerable on you, gives you a chance to show off your generosity, AND if feeling truly generous, you can 'find' their wallet and gain their instant gratitude.


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