Is There a "Very No" Option?

E-mail Submitted by Fran:

Here's the plan: if I were to bring you out in public naked, throw things at you, bring you home, shag you, bring you back out, shag you in an alley, bring you home, shag you again, then take you out to dinner, but with you still naked, would you thank me for it y/n?



  1. Mmm, nothing like some sweet alley-shagging to put me in the mood for dinner.

  2. I'm sure she would thank you for getting her arrested for indecent exposure.

  3. I would actually go for this kind of date. The "y/n" thing reminded me of high school though and I would have to say no based on that.

  4. When are people going to learn that there are specific sites for kinky dating?

    Not to mention the legality of the public nudity.

    1. There actually aren't really specific sites for kinky dating, at least not that I'm aware of. But there *are* kinky social networks (such as FetLife) which would be a *far* better place to post this sort of thing.


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