Tripping at the Finish Line

Story Submitted by Sarah:

I met Simon online.  He looked cute, had a really interesting profile, and, like me, had done a lot of traveling. He initiated the conversation by sending me an e-mail about one of my pictures, one of me in the Himalayas.  He said that he had done a similar trek in a different part of Nepal.

We had a lot in common, had very normal e-mails and above all, he had not been flirtatious or remotely suggestive. We seriously only talked about scuba diving, hiking, and other outdoorsy topics.

After exchanging about five or six e-mails, he asked me out for a drink on a Saturday night. I told him that I was going to see a friend’s band at 9pm, so we could meet up at 7pm. I thought that this would be a good way to end the date if he sucked, or, if he was awesome, I could invite him along.

At 2pm on Saturday, I received a text message picture of him naked with the note “Hi Sarah, it's Simon - Wow, I can’t believe I’m sending this before I’ve even met you.”

I stared at it, stunned for a moment, and then burst out laughing. I wrote back, “Hi, I think we have different ideas about what is appropriate for a first date. Please don’t contact me again”

I can't imagine what he was thinking, or if that strategy has ever actually worked.

The best part: the picture was in black and white. Very artistic.

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  1. Just plain stupid. Sending someone you've never met naked pictures of yourself? At best that could be considered harassment, and I'd wouldn't feel sorry for you at all if they were used against you.


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