Next Stop: Try Caffeine

Story Submitted by Rick:

The afternoon of my date with Cindy, I received a text from her: "TIRED."  I texted back, "You okay?  Looking forward to meeting you tonight."  No response from Cindy.

Less than an hour before the date, she called me up and said, "I don't know what's wrong, I just don't have any energy."

I asked, "Are you feeling all right?  Do you still want to meet?"

She said, "Yeah.  Let's meet."

At dinner, she barely spoke and nearly nodded off once.  I almost had to reach across the table to keep her upright.  I asked her if she was feeling well and she repeated that she was fine, just that she was very tired.

I took her out to a coffee place after dinner, and I picked out a table, but she requested that we sit in a booth.  By the time I came back with our drinks, she was honest-to-goodness fast asleep, leaning up against the wall.

I shook her lightly and she woke up and asked me what time it was.  I said, "Time to go home.  Do you want your tea?  Or we can head out."

"Can I just stay here?" she mumbled.

I became more concerned and said, "Is this serious?  Should I call an ambulance?"

She forced herself awake and said, "No.  No, I'm fine.  Today just wiped me out."

I asked her if she drove into town, because I didn't like the idea of her driving home.  She said that she took the train.  I offered to drop her off at the station and she took me up on it.  We took our teas to go and I dropped her off at the depot.

Two hours later, I was already at home but a text arrived from her: "Fuck missed my stop lol."


  1. So to sum this up: "I dated a girl, but she was tired!"

  2. Kind of lame. No mention of whether he ever saw her again, or any explanation of why she was so tired.

  3. Struck me as unusual that she fell asleep on a date, but maybe that's not too unusual for you guys. :)

  4. Well...after reading this story, my eyelids got droopy and then I .zzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Jared, after everything else you've posted here, did you really think we'd be impressed with some girl falling asleep on a date? We've had girls smash tea cups on their foreheads and guys light themselves on fire.This is nothing.

    OP was dumb for pressing the issue of going out that night.

  6. Umm, it really sounds like she had mono or something moderately serious like that. Did it really not occur to you to at the very least get her to her door? I'd be genuinely worried about her safety but apparently this was far from a priority to you.


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