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Story Submitted by Kayla:

When I was 16, Larry, a friend from school on whom I had a crush, asked me if I wanted to join him in driving up the mountain with the best view of the city. I accepted the request.

That weekend we climbed into his parents' suburban and made the drive up the narrow, unpaved road. We sat on top of the mountain and talked for hours.

It began to rain and thunder, so we thought it best to head down. The road was more dangerous going down than it had been coming up, and there were moments I feared the car would veer off the mountain.

While gripping armrests and fearing for my life, my phone rang. It was an unknown number, but thinking it may have been my mother's new office number, I answered. It turned out to be Chris, my ex-boyfriend, calling on his new cell phone.

"Hey Kayla.  My life just got a bit more exciting.  Know why?"


"Because I got a Razr and you don't!  Ha!"  The Razr was the newest, best phone at the time.  Chris went on, "I need you to pick me up.  I want to go to Burger King and a few other places."

"Absolutely not."

Larry overheard and said, "He needs a ride?  Tell him I don't mind.  Where does he live?"

I spent the next few hours getting dragged along to Burger King, Starbucks, and 7-11 so that Chris could satisfy his food cravings. Chris spent the entire time talking about his phone, making sexually inappropriate jokes, and trying to convince me to come back to his place and hook up with him (I declined).

Larry dropped Chris off at his house, then drove me home. I thanked him for entertaining my annoying ex and driving him all over town in the pouring rain. Larry explained that he needed an alibi in case his parents asked where he had gone, so he only helped out Chris in order to establish one.

I was about to exit the car when Larry pulled me back inside and asked me not to go. We spent two hours sitting in the car talking, listening to the rain, and kissing.

We are soon to celebrate the five year anniversary of that night.


  1. "Larry explained that he needed an alibi in case his parents asked where he had gone, so he only helped out Chris in order to establish one."

    ... it's like this sentence belongs in an entirely different story because OP doesn't explain it, question it, or in fact refer to it ever again.

  2. I know this was supposed to be an 'aww' inducing story, but I'm just not feeling it. How awkward would it be to allow your date to drive around your douchebag ex? Gross. Just...gross. Eff that guy. I hate the stories where the jerk gets what he wants.

  3. ^ I'm wondering if maybe his parents told him not to go up the mountain, and he didn't want them to find out he went anyway.

  4. Why is this person still dating the same person they met when they were 16, and they are now 21? Does this kind of freak anyone else out???

  5. Baku-chan-- You are correct. His parents were very strict, and if they found out we had taken their car up the mountain, we would have been in huge trouble.

    liberty-- What's so freaky about it? Never heard of high school sweethearts?

  6. @Baku - Maybe it's just me, but I can think of a bazillion other excuses to use, other than this scenario.

  7. This is so disjointed and I was not expecting that ending. I don't get it.

  8. Had Larry just robbed a bank?

  9. @liberty-what's so strange about still being with the person you met in high school? A friend of mine from high school started dating her husband when they were 13.


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