The Sound of One Person Laughing

E-mail Submitted by Phil:

I'd like to talk to you!  You seem very nice!  My favorite letter is k.  What's yours?

It's important to me to really get to know someone before going on a date with them.  There's only so much that a profile can tell you about someone you know?  I'll tell you my biggest secret if you tell me yours: I caused a death.  Not on purpose, but someone is dead because of me.  I feel guilt about it but most days I can't help but wake up and smile that I'm still here to greet the day!... lol.

Don't let that scare you.  I'm taking a big chance by telling you but I know that relationships (friends or lovers) start with trust and have to be built up from there.  People forget that and I find myself having to remind others and myself!



  1. Alright, but I'm still not letting her drive me anywhere...

  2. My favorite letter is K too!

  3. The "lol" was the cherry on top of the terror already felt.

  4. I imagined an evil Barbie doll.

  5. On the other hand, Error, at least he didn't have to waste any time meeting her this way!

  6. ^ But then WE miss out on a potentially interesting story!

  7. I'm with Baku on this, Aggie. Crazy date would have been crazy.

    This was sweet: My favorite letter is k. What's yours?
    This was not: I caused a death.

    This email was a rollercoaster of emotions for me.


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