Don't Give Up. It Took Shakespeare a While, Too.

E-mail Submitted by Jacki:

As I'm a poet, I'll write my message to you in verse.  The reason for me writing this explaining paragraph is just so that you won't be confused:

Buckets of sunlight curse the merry flames
Upon the dell of morning-kissed sunshine
Among the flowers and grasslands of our home, our youth!
So many tattered beaus jostle for your attentions
How will you choose but one?
You must choose but one.
I am one.
Choose me!
You are hot, sexy, and beautiful!

There's more I can share.  Just write back and I will!



  1. Well, it doesn't seem to be ripped from anywhere, but it still sucks.

  2. I was with him until the last line. Totally thoughtless throw away online dating line that killed the rest of the tone. Bad call. Bad poem.

  3. Jonathan, that poem is plagiarized. I'm writing you up for an honor code violation.

    I was with him until "How will you choose but one?" He lost the strong imagery and passionate speech that the beginning of the poem had. He should rewrite it and submit it again. Maybe have a writing center or professor look it over for him and offer constructive criticism.

  4. strong imagery? the sunlight on the sunshine? really?

  5. Better than the rest of the crap he came up with towards the end. At least he used adjectives.


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