The Smell Will Haunt You Forever

Story Submitted by Tony:

At the end of spring semester, two of my college's fraternities came together to throw a huge party. I wasn't really into that scene, but I had a couple of friends who were, and I thought that it would be a memorable way to end the year.

While there, I lost track of my friends, as there was barely enough room to stand, let alone walk. I had already made it that far, so I thought I'd grab a drink (if I could find the drink table) and head out.

I grabbed a drink and plotted my exit when I felt something tugging at my pant leg. I looked down. Under the drink table sat a cute girl, my age. She said, "It's less crowded under here." I ducked in, and she introduced herself as Allie. Turns out, her friends had dragged her there as well and she had set up camp under the table.

I asked her if she wanted to take a walk and she said that she was up for it. We squeezed our way out of the crowd and made it outside.

I walked us toward campus, with no real destination in mind. She said, "You know, the chapel's haunted," and so we walked toward the chapel. The doors were locked. She said that she knew another place where we could go, and I followed her a few blocks to a church with a cemetery.

We walked around the headstones and she stopped and stared at one of them. She said, "This person died on today's date." Then, she turned to me, smiled, and said, "I think that you'll die on today's date."

I replied, "Just so long as it's not today. I have plans for the weekend."

She smiled, stretched out on her back on the ground, and crossed her arms over her chest. She said, "If you won't die, then I'll die for you."

I said, "Neither of us have to die. Come on," and I reached down for her, but she wouldn't budge. No matter what I said, she seemed intent on lying there. Even after warning her that I was going to continue on, she stayed there.

I sat with her for a bit, then realized that she was asleep. I woke her up and practically dragged her back to her dorm. The whole way, she mumbled that she didn't want me to die, and I kept promising her that I wouldn't.

I put her to bed and was about out the door when she told me to wait. She sat up in her bed, turned very pale, and puked all over herself.

I spent the next 20 minutes cleaning her up, helping her back to bed, and finally leaving.


  1. Did her head spin around before she puked?

  2. She was cute, she was drunk and she was kinky. Why would you let someone like that get away?

  3. At least put a note with your number in her handbag.

  4. Should have picked up on the fact that she was wasted under the drink table.

    And if he "wasn't into that scene" why bother following up with this girl. She probably wouldn't remember him anyway.


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