Happy Birthday to Someone Else

Story Submitted by Monica:

In the week leading up to my first date with Al, he asked me (via e-mail) if I had any plans for my special day.  I asked him which special day he meant, and he didn't answer.

That Friday was our first date, and he showed up in a suit and tie, holding a bouquet of flowers and a mylar balloon.  The balloon said, "Happy Birthday!"

"Happy birthday, a day early!" Al said.

I said, "Thanks.  Tomorrow's not my birthday.  My birthday isn't even this month."

He looked at me as if I was mistaken, then looked away, closed his eyes, and said, "Whoops.  It's my, um, mother's birthday."

I smiled and said, "Try again."

He asked, "Are you sure it's not your birthday?"

"I'm pretty sure," I said.

He handed me the flowers and balloon and said, "Happy Friday, then."

I thanked him and asked if he was ready to do dinner, willing to forget the fact that he might very well have meant the gifts for someone else.  At dinner, he asked me again if I was sure that the following day wasn't my birthday.  I asked him, "What made you think that it was?"

He said, "It might have been when we were on IM a week or two ago and you told me that your birthday was tomorrow."

"That wasn't me.  Sorry."

"You sure?"


He frowned and said, "I might ask for those flowers and balloon back, then.  And I might have to end this date early."

He went from "confused but charming" to "confused and stupid" in that moment.  I gave them back, and in his defense, he paid for dinner, but I didn't want to have much to do with him after that.

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