I'm the Only Monster in My Bedroom

Story Submitted by Gregory:

Mary was a teacher I met online.  We met in person, really hit it off, ended up making out in my car, and she came back to my place.

As she removed her blouse on my bed, I asked her if she was comfortable with the speed of things and if she wanted to stop.  She replied, "Does it look like I want to stop?"  It didn't so we kept going.

We were naked and rolling around a fair amount when I positioned myself in between her legs.  At once, she yelped and pushed me away.  "What are you doing?" she hissed.

I asked, "I'm sorry.  Was that too fast?"

She turned away from me and held the blankets tight around herself.  I asked her, "Can I do anything?"

"You can do it right."

I wasn't sure what she meant.  I said, "I thought I was doing it right."

She turned back to me and said, "No.  You did something weird."

"I promise that I didn't do anything weird.  Can we try again?"

She slowly turned back to me, and we returned to kissing.  I again slid on top of her and she shouted and pushed me off.  This time, she jumped out of the bed and took the blankets with her to cover herself.

"What are you doing?" she demanded, "It feels like a really cold hand keeps gripping my leg."

I said, "My hands are warm, and they were nowhere near your leg."

She stared at the floor for a short while and I waited for her to do something.  She then reached for her clothes and said, "I'm going to go.  Sorry."

I asked her, "Could we talk about this?  You're just going to leave?"

Half-dressed, she stood before me and then did a kind of backward stumble, as if she was lightly pushed from the front.  She regained her footing and said, "I sense a lot of darkness here.  I've got to go.  I'm sorry."

She pulled on the rest of her clothes, grabbed her bag, and was out my door.  I've since thought about holding an exorcism, but as the women I've had over since her have detected no such unpleasantness, I'm forced to conclude that she was just insane.


  1. A-ha...a classic case of Coldickitis!

  2. Cock-blocked by a damn ghost, I can't even begin to count the number of times this has happened to me.

  3. Casper was getting a little too friendly, eh?


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