That and My Breath Smells Like Cat

E-mail Submitted by Paul:

I've seen lots of guys' profiles up on here but I wanted to get to know yours the most.  Who are you and what are you all about?  I just moved into a new place.  My old roommates accused me of practicing witchcraft after their cats disappeared.  I didn't take anyones cats and I don't know what their talking about.  Of course after their cats came back no one apologized and so now I moved into a new place!

I like PBS, NPR, and science museums.  I know my profile says that I like to wander in the woods, but its not because I'm crazy!  It's because I like publicly supported braodcasting and I did radio in college and a litte after.

Are you what you wanted to be when you were a little boy?



  1. I know that I myself have shown my support for NPR numerous times by walking in the woods. I'm fairly sure this alone paid Terry Gross's salary.

  2. I also like NPR and walking in the woods. I am on track to being what I wanted to be as a child, and everybody loves a great non-sequitur. Also, Alf is a gay alien bear of sorts.

  3. Does anyone remember when Buggs Bunny would hide something in the closet and block the door and say something like "it's not in the closet!" Well that's what popped into my head when I read "...but its not because I'm crazy!. haha


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