If That Doesn't Prove You're Legit...

E-mail Submitted by Claudine:

I grew up the son of two money-drenched yuppies and when I started my music career they went the way of the dodo.  Now I'm making bank and they want me back but I've remembered what they forgot: SUCKAS!

I run a music business and have two labels.  You might have heard my produced songs on late-nite radio: "Pharaoh Phukkazz" and "boyzNightmareman".  It's a parade of sound and I want you to listen to my music.  You say in your profile that you like music and you hsould give mine a listen.

If you give me your address I can send you a CD.  We don't have a website yet but send me your address and you can listen to my stuff and you can tell me what you like a bout it.  I know you'll like it but I need your address to send you anything.  Without your address, you get shit!

To prove I'm legit: I'll give you my address: 1337 Fubar Road, Los Angeles, CA, 90089.



  1. It would be awesome if that were a real address. However, it's sad that he thinks anyone who has half a brain about the internet wouldn't call him on the lie.

  2. What's more sad? That he thinks you won't google those songs and address, or that there's people out there who don't.

  3. I'm sure Jared changed the address before posting this to the internet.

  4. Sadly, I didn't. That's how it came in.

  5. Leet Fubar Road, right....

  6. Without your address, me and my friends can't gangrape you!


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