She'd Rather Destroy Herself Than Kiss You

Story Submitted by Alistair:

In college, I met Bianca. We lived in the same on-campus apartments and became close. Through my explorations of the building, I discovered a way to the roof. I told her about it, and she was on board to investigate it with me.

On a warm spring night, we went up to the roof together.  It was cloudless, and despite the city lights, we could still see a few stars.  We sat and watched the sky, the traffic, and the city.

I was close enough to kiss her, and I leaned in and she gave me her cheek.  Shot down.  But she had another surprise in store.

She stood up and asked me if I thought she could make the jump to the neighboring rooftop.  I went to the edge and checked it out.  It didn't seem like an unreasonable distance, but we were about four stories up and–

I turned back to her as she was mid-run.  She leapt and off the roof she went.  For a few slow-motion seconds, I watched her arms and legs flail and then she hit the edge of the next-door building with the upper half of her body, smearing a good part of her face against the roof.

I called across, "Are you okay?"  I heard the sound of her crying, and I called an ambulance.

She turned out to be okay, after her stint in the hospital and in rehabilitation.  I would have thought that kissing me would have been a much better use for her face, but I guess she thought that kissing a roof would be a better choice.


  1. Have there ever been ANY successful rooftop dating stories? Granted, we only get the "bad" ones, but I wonder if any of the commenters have had a good one.

  2. My boyfriend and I pulled a blanket on top of his roof and looked at the stars. I had a plan in mind, but he fell asleep.

    So, I guess my rooftop story wasn't successful, but at least it wasn't bad.

  3. Didn't she learn anything from The Matrix? No one ever makes their first jump...

  4. Went to the roof of my apartment building at night in SF with a date to show him the great view of downtown. There was a little platform with a rug and a couple of chairs. We made out and got handsy for an hour up there until my face hurt from his stubble. That was a pretty awesome roofer.


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