Is "Projection" a Major?

Story Submitted by Winston:

Ciara and I were out to dinner together when she asked me where I had gone to college.  I named the community college I had attended, and she asked, "A community college?  Seriously?  And you're proud of that?"

No one had ever put me in a position in which I had not felt proud for being the first in my family for earning a college education, and so I told her the truth:  "Yeah, I am.  I made some great friends and I love what I do.  I want to get an advanced degree at some point.  Where did you go to college?"

"Ohio University.  Not a bad place at all."

I agreed that it wasn't, and we moved on, but her tone shifted over the rest of the conversation.  She spoke slower and asked me some condescending questions ("Did you ever have to write a paper for class?"  "Did you ever wish that you went to a better school?").  In short, she kind of treated me like an idiot, and I looked forward to ending the date.

Maybe it was wrong of me, but after our meeting, I looked her up on the web.  After less than ten minutes, I found her actual alma mater: Montgomery County Community College in Pennsylvania.  Management major.

I wrote her a quick e-mail about how she liked the program there.  Wouldn't you know it, she never replied.


  1. ^ Seriously. Probably pissed you graduated before her and wanted to put you down.

  2. Way to go, OP.

  3. I hate degree snobs, so the fact that she bought into it and felt she had to lie, then try to put other people down is fantastic. Point for me and two points for Winston.

  4. I have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree and I am very proud of myself for my accomplishments. However, I would not consider a man that I was dating unintelligent just because of the school that he went to. I think OP would be even more of a turn on because he overcame so many odds and has the drive to improve himself.


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