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Story Submitted by Alan:

Caitlin and I had great chemistry online, and in person, we clicked easily.  I took her out to dinner, and by the end of it, we were holding hands across the table.

After dinner, I had planned to drive us to an arcade (she and I were both into it), and in my car, she ended up with her hand on my leg.  As I drove, she rubbed it upwards.  That act made me pull over to the side of the road, turn to her, and kiss her.  She embraced me tightly and we kissed hungrily for several minutes before she said, "I want you to fuck me."

I also wanted to, and I asked her. "Your place or mine?"

It seemed to me a perfectly legitimate question, given the circumstances, but for some reason or another, it touched a nerve.

She asked, "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

I said, "I was asking where you'd feel most comfortable doing... you know."

"No.  Most comfortable doing what?"

"The fucking."

She gave me a look that was part second-away-from-crying and part second-away-from-slapping.  Her hand reached for the door and she asked, "Who do you think you are?"

Before I could answer, she jumped out of my car and took off down the side of the road, back in the direction from which we came.  I leapt out to follow her, but when I caught up, she said, "I'm going to jump into traffic if you don't fuck off right now, I swear to God."

I let her walk wherever insanity led her.  I made no effort to contact her again, and I have no idea what might have set her off.


  1. Perhaps you misunderstood what she said? I can't think of anything else that sounds like "I want you to f*** me" but there's gotta be something...

  2. Well Cheri.. let's peruse some possibilities.

    "I want you to suck me"
    "I want you to buck me"
    "I want you to pluck me"
    "I want you to cluck me"
    "I want you to chuck me"

    Well, they may be different words, but it seems the meaning don't change.

  3. The first thing I thought was that you could have misheard her. Though also, she may have said that instinctively/subconsciously, meaning that maybe she said so without even realizing that she did...

    Just trying to propose alternate possibilities. I mean, I know sometimes folks in the moment of passion can suddenly change their mind, but it usually plays out very differently (e.g., pushing you away suddenly and getting distant, that kind of thing--not quite a straight verbal change). KF

  4. Sorry Alan, I think you just heard what you wanted to here. I'd bet what she said was "I want you to pay me", as in an hour had passed and you owed her $200 bucks. If the women with Backpage ads can get away with it, she can too, right?

  5. Perhaps she was speaking hypothetically? Much like how the times I've said, "Man, I just want this day to be over", I'd be more than a little shocked if the clocks suddenly sped forward Twilight Zone style and the sun crashed down before the horizon.

    Yeah, I've got nothing. As the kids say, sounds cray-cray to me.

  6. you asked her where she wanted to do it, it was hormones, you should have just taken her to the place you wanted to go or do her in the car, if a girl wants to do it with you and you chose a place she feels uncomfortable at she will send signs or say it ;).

  7. Yeah sorry dude, the logical explanation is that you misheard.

  8. So cool! - This is totally like one of those old 80s TV sitcom scenarios where there is a fatal misunderstanding because one person mishears something and responds inappropriately...only there's no nosy landlord listening in behind the closed door!

    That and the fact that the word "fuck" was used.

    And that the situation wasn't funny but sad.

  9. Eh, Team OP. I just think she batshit.

  10. There are people who suffer from trauma who switch personalities--this can especially happen in moments of intense emotion. She may have been ashamed of it later or not even have remembered what happened. These people aren't "batshit" or any of the other demeaning words; they have an illness. It is too bad this happened, but it may not have been anyone's fault.

    1. I mostly agree with you, except that if she knows she has such a condition, it *is* her fault for not dealing with it better.

  11. ^ Mostly I'm on the "he misheard" train, but only one thing gives me pause to consider your suggestion. When he pursued her, she threatened to jump into traffic. That isn't a normal response. Most people would have told him to leave them alone, or that they might call the cops, or something else - not threaten to harm themselves. It could very well be that she has a psychological disorder and switched gears unexpectedly.

  12. Counting Crows:
    "With nothing to believe in
    You dive into the traffic
    Rising up
    And it's so quite you're surprised and then you wake."


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