The King's Screech

E-mail Submitted by Sarah:

How would you like to meet a guy who lives like a king?  Like a REAL king, in a castle!  Well isn't today your lucky day because I'm a guy who lives in a castle!

I have a moat, a drawbridge, servents, and John Deere tractor to plow shit.  LOL I don't have slaves but I do have stone walls and guard towers and flags.  Seriously you have to see this palce to believe it.  I converted it from old home to my own private castle!

One woman asked me if I had alligators in my moat.  LOL no..

You can be the queen of all!  You can boss the servents!  You can wander the parapets and enjoy the view from the tower!  You can see all the way to the inter state from the tower, depends how tall you is.  Come and see my castle, write back and maybe you can!

KING Hank!


  1. This isn't that bad compared to the emails we see here normally. He didn't even offer to 'hide the mini heater'


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