Just Desserts

Story Submitted by Terry:

Lia insisted on taking me out to a specialty dessert place on our first date. We were seated, and since she had been there before, I asked her what she recommended. She pointed out a few suggestions, and I asked her if she wanted to split a couple of things.

She said, "Oh, just get what you want. It's all good."

I picked out two desserts and they were delivered to the table. I started in on one and couldn't help but notice that she wasn't eating. She watched me eat.

I put my fork down and asked her if she'd be joining me. She said, "No. You eat."

I asked, "Why aren't you eating?"

She said, "I'm full from dinner."

"We didn't have to come here if you were full."

She pointed to the desserts, "Well you weren't, obviously. Two desserts?"

I said, "I thought we would be splitting them."

She said, "I never said that. Right now, you're coming off as a greedy little child. I'm just going to sit here in amazement while you eat them both."

I shrugged and had a little bit of each. I then asked the waiter to box them up. Lia asked me if she could have one of them in particular, to bring home for herself. I told her, "No. You told me we weren't splitting them. So it's mine."

She said, "I was going to pay, but now, whatever."

I paid for them myself, brought them home, enjoyed them immensely over the next couple of days, and never played games with Lia again.


  1. Maybe she wouldn't eat in front of him because she wanted to go home, eat the whole thing at once, then throw it up?

  2. This sounds like classic "I don't have any money but I want to treat my date" behavior.


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