Avoid that Sorority Party

E-mail Submitted by Lawrence:

When a woman likes a man... she wants to be close to him! And so that leads me to you! I can tell by the many hats you wear that you're a man.

I'm Heidi and I can be a bit looooopy jk. I'm new to this online dates stuff but I can't believe how it runs? I'm a girl who just reaches out and takes it, rips it off, and wears it like a necklace! No honors, no apologies! ALPha OMICRON PI 4EVA!!!!!



  1. "I'm a girl who just reaches out and takes it, rips it off, and wears it like a necklace!"

    Too many directions I can take that comment...

  2. I'll go there.

    "Just like I'll do to your balls!"

  3. Wow. That was just pathetic.


  5. How many times do you think she's been arrested for shoplifting?

  6. Baku is my hero, love that show...

  7. One of my happiest moments so far in life is when I heard Futurama was coming back on the air. Sadly the last season just wasn't up to par. But we've got one more to look forward to!


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