Inversely Proportional to Her Brain Size?

E-mail Submitted by Harold:

haha ur photos r so obviusly photo shop!!!! no one who is real has ears that big, lol!

u should think about using real pics of u, dumbo!!!!  <(((((o_0)))))>


(Harold says: "Those are my actual ears, and that's the first time that anyone commented on how 'large' they are.  Maybe I'm biased, but I don't think they're any different from an average ear size.  I ignored Mindy's message, but she wrote me again."

Mindy Writes:

i showed ur ears 2 a friend of mine and she says ur ears are 2 big 2 be real!  she says they look like ugly blankets, LOL!!!  sorry we dont want to be mean but ur ears are funnnnnnnn!  if we send u pics of us, can u make our ears look big 2?


(Harold says: "I also ignored this one.  No more messages since."


  1. I know I should be ashamed of myself... but I sort of laughed at the Dumbo emoticon she typed to represent the big ears.

  2. Is it wrong that I really want to see a picture of the OP's ears now?


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