And She STILL Chose Him Over You?

E-mail Submitted by Carlie:

My girlfriend (now EX-girlfriend) just cheated on me for no reason and I broke up with her.  Now is the time for me to find someone new.  You could be that someone new if you're not a LYING, CHEATING, SACK OF SHITWHORE.

Do you know what it feels like to be cheated on after a FIVE YEAR RLEATIONSHIP?  I'll bet you don't.  It's okay I can learn you.  You make your plans, imagine a life, a future, kids, grandkids, greatgrandkids, and a whole beautiful lifetime with someone, and then all of a sudden, they just FUCK IT UP FOR NO REASON.  WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT FOR NO REASON?

This time around things will be different.  I will not date cheaters, liars, sacks of shit, or whores.  The guy she cheated on me with DOESN'T HAVE A JOB, HAS BEEN KICKED OUT OF HIS HOUSE, HAS BEEN TO PRISON, AND IS A DRINKER.

Think about my offer.  Even just to meet as friends, I think it would be good for me.



  1. Inappropriate to send to a stranger, but I still feel bad for the guy.

  2. Unfortunately for Carlie (love the spelling of the name btw!) she cannot unlearn what Craig wrote to her :(.

  3. He was obviously venting and projecting emotions from past relationships. Surely Carlie doesn't feel personally attacked.
    Maybe if he had said any of it to her face, it might be different, but an emotional rant via email needs only to be deleted, not "unlearned."

  4. Oh, well if it will be good for YOU, then I'm in.

  5. Just going through the archives. Really the only thing that bothered me was that he said "I'll learn you."


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