I'm Sure He Meant "Pick"

Email Submitted by Rika:

I have a bus! An old school bus that I bought at auction cheap! It still has all the seats and maybe you want I can pick you up in it!

It still has all working lights (I fixed it up self) and is street legal. We can drive it anywhere (maybe lick up some kids jk) and you can be the highest woman in town.

You have to see it. Get small talk over with (I understand) and then it will be TIME FOR SCHOOL!



  1. ...then again, maybe he didn't.

  2. Aside from the questionable comment about kids, which I believe was a typo, this guy sounds like fun.
    He's not a creeper or a jerk, at least not based on this. OP might have had a great time, but it sounds like she's a little too rigid for this guy.

  3. I would probably go out with this guy.

  4. His poor grasp of the English language would prevent me from dating him one-on-one, but maybe as a group date of friends, he'd be kinda neat to hang out with...at least to make sure he's not licking children or luring them onto his bus with promises of candy.

  5. This post reminded me of an episode of Family Guy where Herbert tries to buy an ice cream truck as a lure to children.

  6. I was more reminded of the movie "Bachelor Party" where he does in fact, drive around in a school bus

  7. I'll bet this was the short bus.


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