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E-mail Submitted by David:

I don't have any plans for this Saturday night and ive already asked out two guys who said no. Maybe it's because I'm an independent woman who knows what she wants. Maybe that scares guys away. No wait. I know it does. Anyway I need a date for Saturday night. I have tickets to

You need to come with me on Saturday night. You won't regret it. You seem like a spontaneous guy. We'll be out in public the whole time (you have to meet me there) so don't get any ideas.

You have to pay me back for the ticket but only half. The price should come out to

Let me know if you want to come with me. If no one claims the ticket then I'll have to scalp it there and if something bad happens to me then It will be your fault and I'll be pissed.



  1. Nobody's on this? Okay:

    1. Finish what you start.
    2. Don't blame me, for anything, ever.

  2. This sounds to me like a scam. The reason the destination and price aren't there is because they forgot to paste that part in before sending it--for example, it might have been a concert at Madison Square Garden on the New York craigslist, pr the Hollywood Bowl at the LA craigslist, etc.

    Definitely a sketchy email, but not for the usual reasons.


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