I'll Just Keep Looking, Then

E-mail Submitted by Doreen:

I think we should go out on a date.  This is because you've never had a guy treat you right the way I would treat you.  Everything you say in your profile is exactly the way I am:

"sensitive - but who can laugh at everything"
I am very sensitive (I cry at movies a lot) and I laugh at everything too (I also laugh at movies.  And cry.)

"all about supporting each other"
I would totally support you in everything you ever did.  Want to do something!  Do it!  You have my trust and love always.

"aggressive (but in the right way) and intelligent"
You looking for a fuckin ape?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING... nah but I'm very aggressive (I fight a lot) and I'm smart enough to know everything.

"carry on a conversation...."
Holy fuck SHUT UP.



  1. That was pretty funny. I started to tune out after the ape thing, but the end got me.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Mediator: I was the same way. I was eyerolling through most of it, and when I got to the last line, I definitely burst out laughing. Good trolling on Andrew's part.

  4. Andrew rocks. Sorry OP but I'm pretty sure your profile would make me vomit :D


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