The Dark Rides at Six Flags Disneypark

E-mail Submitted by Jonathan:

Hey boy.

My last boyfriend ruined my credit when he tied me to the bed and stole my credit cards for an afternoon of taking out other women and buying everything he wanted before splitting.  He said that tying me to bed was for sex but he was lying.  My brother found me naked on the bed.

I mention that first always because my issues are large and I have trouble trusting people.  Don't even ever try to tie me to a bed, I will claw your eyes out and am serious.  It'll take me some time to trust you but when I do it will be all the more worth it because I am a great woman who just wants to give love.

K so what else about me?  I don't like the dark or being tied to things (now you know why).  I have a son from a previous relationship and he is my life.  He;s a good boy and he does what he's told.  His birthdays coming up and I promised to take him to six flags disneypark.

Read my profile (it's linked from here) and tell me what you think.  Nice thoughts only please ;)



  1. I really hate it when people say stuff like "nice thoughts only please", or "positive feedback only".

    If you can't take criticism, positive or negative, then you shouldn't be putting yourself out there.

    You can never improve anything if people don't tell you whats wrong with it.

  2. Well, then there's the small detail of trying to attract mates by advertising yourself as damaged goods. Can't imagine anything good coming out of putting your dysfunction up front and wearing it on your sleeve.

  3. If you don't want to hear bad things about something, don't advertise it. If you do, it's not your decision whether or not it gets criticized.

  4. But Churro, what will all the fixers out there do if everyone was baggage-free?

    I shouldn't have, but I laughed at the image of her trying to claw someone's eyes out whilst being tied to "things"...

  5. Another woman who's child "Is her life". I wonder if mentioning it was his birthday soon was some kind of hint, it wouldn't surprise me after all those emails we've seen about staying at a strangers house..

  6. Why didn't she call the police and then call they credit card companies and tell them her card was stolen?? Instead she let it ruin her credit and her sex life (who doesn't like being tied to the bed)

  7. ^ I actually prefer to do the tying.


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