I'd Love to Tickle This Person

E-mail Submitted by Ross:

Maybe you can answer this question for me: why do guys like to tickle women?  Every guy I've ever dates tries to tickle me and I'm convinced that it's a conspiracy of mammoth proportions.  My evidence includes the fact that every guy likes to tickle women as far as I know, and that if I corner a guy and ask him if he likes to tickle women, the answer will always be yes.

It must tickle you in some way to tickle women.  I for one do NOT like being tickled.  At all.  Ever.  It might be laughing, but I'm secretly hating it and hating you.  Fingers on me to tickle will be lost.  End of story!

throwing stars at your legs knowingly but tickling is to be banished from the dating scene.  Tickle me and a few minutes later I'll be tickling your corpse.  Capeesh?



  1. I'm sincerely ashamed to share a name with this person...

  2. Duh, "it's a conspiracy of mammary proportions." They're guys, why else would they want their hands up your shirt next to your girls while you're flopping around?


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