How Did You Meet Dad, Again?

E-mail Submitted by Chris:

Have you ever wanted a family?  How about one that's already made ready for you?

I have a set of twins, 3 and 3 each.  They are at an age just before they start asking about their daddy.  They are beautiful, smart, and make me so proud every day with everything they do.  I want so much for them (tow boys so handsome and young) to have a father in their lives but their father is no longer in the picture.  Someone who looks like them would be best who can say that he is their father is someone I am looking for. 

I need to know a lot about you befor eyou can just come right into my family!  You need to write me back with honest words about who you are, your morals, beliefs, values, and what you do for a living.  I want my kids raised right and so you will need to not just say these things but live these things as they will take advantge from you.

I have attached a picture of the boys to my profile.  You will see they are beautiful and please they just need a daddy in their lives and I want that so much for them and help to raise them because raising two boys on my little pay is no good for anyone but especially my boys my hope and my life.

Write back with full information about yourself and then we can meet and discuss more in depth things like help and payment.



  1. Another new twist on the "Hi, stranger. Can I crash at your place?" meme we've been seeing here.

  2. So she wants to lie to her sons about their parentage. Nice.

  3. No boys, mommy did not sleep with that angry man who just got out of prison and is now outside threatening to burn down the house if I don't open the door and let him in...

  4. "More in depth things like help and payment." Well I guess depth for whore is an important trait. Shit, now that I think about it, is she pimping out the twins? She went on and on about how young and beautiful they are.

  5. I think perhaps she meant to say 'advice'...
    "they will take advantge from you."
    ...but made a freudian slip.

  6. Yikes!!

    Dear Cheri

    I also have two 3-year-olds, but they are not twins.


  7. i like that she gave the ages of both of the twins:
    "3 and 3 each"
    just in case Chris wasn't familiar with the concept.


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