Hungry Hungry Haunting

E-mail Submitted by Lucille:

My friends tell me that I can be a bit headstrong, but that's because I encountered the dead when I was very young.  When I was 9, my great-grandfather came over to visit unexpectedly.  I opened the door for him and led him inside and got him some orange juice.  He asked me where my mother was and I went to get her but she was one the phone with her mother who had just told her that my great-grandfather had just died.  I ran back to where my great-grandfather was waiting for me and he opened his mouth wider than my head and faded away.

It definitely happened but no one believed me and my parents put me into therapy for a little while!  I credit it for making me brave and strong as I am today.  I mention it because if you don't believe it then we won't get along.



  1. This email is very helpful.

  2. Clearly he was molested as a child and invented this story as a coping mechanism


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