A Fourth Wheel

Story Submitted by Phil:

April and I were out on our date at an outdoor cafe when she saw, seated nearby, two of her girlfriends. She waved them over and, to my surprise (as it was a date), asked them to join us.

One of them said, "We don't want to interrupt," but April insisted that they at least sit down with us for a drink. I made the best of it, thinking that if I could make a good impression on her friends, that that would be a good thing.

The focus wasn't me, however. One of the girls, Julia, was freshly kicked out of a relationship, and she had to tell us the details of the breakup at least half a dozen different ways. They ended up staying for more than just coffee, and April wasn't about to peel herself away from her friends.

At one point, in the middle of one of Julia's moaning sessions, I asked April, "Tell me about the research you do."

April said, "Uh, it's academic research," and turned back to Julia. "Go on, Julia."

I had no problem with April being a good friend. But her friends were taking advantage, and that wasn't right. At one point, I even tried offering advice to Julia, and she hit back with, "I can't take that advice, especially from a guy."

I was becoming frustrated, but realized that me on three was a losing battle, and that April's attention was squarely on her friends. We ordered food, I shut up and enjoyed my lunch, and silently planned to leave shortly after finishing it.

The check came for the four of us, and I was the only one who reached for a wallet. I put down enough for myself and spun the bill around for the women to see.

April gave me a funny look and said, "Oh, okay," then looked at her friends and slowly reached for her purse.

I asked, "'Oh, okay' what? We hardly exchanged two words. This wasn't a date."

April said, "Don't you blame them. They're my friends."

"I don't blame anybody, but I'm not paying for anyone besides myself."

April gave another look to her friends and winked at them. She turned back to me and said, "I don't have enough to cover it."

"Neither do I," piped Julia.

"Me neither," said the other friend.

I said, "Use a card. I'm sure they can split the bill."

April glanced down at her closed pocketbook. "I don't have my cards with me."

"Me either," said Julia.

"Same," said the other friend.

I stood up and said, "Then good luck to you," and made for the exit.

April jumped from the table and caught up with me. "What the fuck are you doing?" she asked, "You're just going to leave us here? Way to be an asshole."

I said, "I will not be taken advantage of. Go cry to your girlfriends."

I turned and left. She called, "Asshole!" after me, but she'd have to try harder than that to change my mind.


  1. Good handled OP!
    I never pay anything for girls who expect me to! Just doesn't work for me.
    I want a woman who wants to have a relationship with me, not my wallet!

  2. I concur, well done.

  3. Yeah, she sounds like a first class bitch, well done! Who goes out and doesn't bring money anyways?

  4. Audreetee, she had money and/or cards. They all did. They were just trying to sucker him into paying for their girl lunch.

    I wonder if she had this planned all along. Bring a date to some place where you "accidentally" meet some friends, just talk to your friends and expect the "date" to pick up the check. Classy.

  5. ^Lulu - I agree... This sounds a bit like a set-up where they get to have lunch and girl-talk; you get to buy everyone's lunch. Way to go for not playing their games!

  6. @Lulu and Cheri D., I was about to say the same thing. I bet this was a planned event, and they've probably done it many times.

  7. Awesome! I commend this man and award the Medal of Self-Confidence.

  8. Well handled indeed.. No one deserves to be treated like a mute wallet and just fork out for a stranger and her stuck up friends!

    I feel silly for asking but what does OP stand for? I know it refers to the author but im stumped as to what it means!

  9. OP = Original Poster.

  10. Gj OP.

    "What are you doing here without some form of payment?"

  11. lol @ float. You're just the male version of the OP's date.

    Good job OP. You were a gentleman through the entire situation. Well handled.

  12. Nice Lei, agreed. The reason the OP didn't pull out some sort of weapon and simply end 'Julia's' misery: he's not some sort of raging psychopath.

    Sometimes people need emotional support from their friends and it wouldn't be beyond a good person to stop their date to help provide a friend with such support. The OP demonstrates gentlemanly qualities throughout, while providing clear limits as to what he considers a date.

  13. Fantastically handled OP, you are a fine example to daters everywhere; don't be taken advantage of!

  14. Whoops! I added the bitch friends at the last moment and didn't update my sentence to fit the new plurality.

    Nikki makes me wince of such things.

  15. ^It's okay, precious. I forgive you. You realized your mistake (and we ALL make mistakes) and corrected it.

    I'm on Team He Did a Good Job.


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