Come and Dance with Me

E-mail Submitted by Ian:

Hello I'm Rania-butterflygirl.  I like your profile and thought that we would have lots in common to talk about!

I'm Rania-butterflygirl!  I like romantic nights in and out and you'll also find out soon that I like butterflies ALOT.  My name is Rania-butterflygirl!

For fun I like butterflies.  They are my name, Rania-butterflygirl and I think they are beautiful creatures unlike any other.  All o of clothes have butterflies on them and every halloween I dress up like a differnt butterfly.  Rania-butterflygirl is my name that's why!  They seem to also be attracted to me wherever I go inside or outside there are always butterflies......

Rania-butterflygirl is unusual name but it's perfect for me and I hope to meet you soon!



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. The unfortunate part for OP is that Rania-butterflygirl thought they had lots in common.

  3. If only she'd said her name a couple more times, maybe I'd be able to remember it better...

  4. Dude, she flat out told you she likes the in-and-out. Who cares if she's a little crazy?


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