Sticks and Birthstones May Break My Bones

Story Submitted by Tim:

Marlena and I were acquaintances in college and I started talking to her more often with the intent of asking her out.  Over the course of our conversations, she told me when her birthday was (May 10th) and I mentally logged that away.

I finally asked her out on a date and bought her a small bouquet of red flowers, as a way of acknowledging her birthstone.

We met at an intersection in the middle of town and I handed her the flowers.  She gushed over them and I said, "I got them because they're the color of your birthstone."

She glanced at the bouquet then looked back at me.  "I was born in May.  My birthstone's emerald."

I caught my breath.  She was right.  Ugh, I felt stupid.  But I'm sure that it was the thought that counted, right?

"You forgot my birthday?" she asked.

I said, "No!  I remember that your birthday's May 10th.  I just forgot the birthstone."

She said, "You forgot," then smashed the flowers against my chest and stormed away.  "Get it right next time!" she called, over her shoulder.

I wondered for about 10 seconds if I was in the wrong in any way, shape, or form.  Once I realized that she was batshit insane, I walked a little way, found a pretty young woman standing by herself, gave her the flowers, and continued on.

Maybe that young woman had a bad day.  Maybe not.  Maybe she even had a boyfriend.  It didn't matter.  The smile she gave me made it all worthwhile.


  1. Should have bought her a black eye...

  2. Nice one OP. you dodged a stuck up princess who would have made you her bitch.

    Good call on the flowers at the end too.

  3. @jonaldson, or perhaps a knuckle sandwich?

  4. Giving the flowers to someone else was a really nice gesture.

    Perhaps next time, double check the birthstone on the internet before choosing flowers? (I'm sure you will after this experience.)

    I like how you even told her the exact date of her bday and she STILL claimed you had forgotten it!


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