But Who'll Protect Me from You?

E-mail Submitted by Yolanda:

Sup I'm Lyle, looking for a woman on this site, you seem good. Tell me your interests, favorite sports teams, and interests.

I like sports teams, I go to college study technology and medical shit. Want to be a technician or doctor maybe. Already got a music career but want more. One life isn't enough for me get it?

It's an idiots world little one. You need a strong man to protect you and I got a job and money. What do you need to be afraid of? I see you like going out and reading I hats reading and your going out stops with me. I want a woman who stays with me and I provide her protection. Can't guarantee protection if she's all out and around where I can't watch her 24/7?

What do you like to wear? That's a good start to conversation.



  1. Please tell me that OP responded, met up with him, and knocked some teeth out for all womankind...

  2. I'm from Australia, and have been reading this blog weekly for a year.. I can't believe the amount of douchebags who send these emails and actually expect a response let alone a woman to swoon for them.. It makes me laugh hard when I read some of this tripe

  3. The thing about being forbidden to go out made me think of this guy:


  4. But I really am a nice guy...

  5. Wow why the hell did he write to you?

    Hi, I'm looking for a woman. Any woman. The fact that I hate everything you do is no object, for you will stop doing them when you are my woman.

    Mmmm tempting.

    Also - thank you Baku-Chan for the website!

  6. I'm pretty sure "music career" means he's a salesman at Guitar Center. Intentionally vague job descriptions are always a winner... but if he really did want another career, he could go back to school and learn how to write and shit.

  7. HOLY CRAP! You tell 'em Baku-Chan. One, two, punch - KNOCK OUT!

    Well put my friend!

  8. Baku-Chan: That site is hilarious. Thanks!

  9. Oh. My. Gosh. What a total loser.


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