Alien Encounter

Story Submitted by Alphonse:

Tina seemed normal online. On our date, though, she casually mentioned that she had been abducted by aliens when she was 12.

She explained, "They took me up in their rocket ship, taught me the sum total of all the knowledge in the universe, and then made me forget everything before bringing me home."

I asked, "If you forgot everything, then how do you remember being abducted?"

She said, "They let me remember that."

"They made you forget everything except for the fact that they once taught you everything?"


"Aliens are morons."

Her eyes flashed at me as if I had just insulted her mother. "Let's see you do interstellar travel!"

I replied, "Let's see them do something more useful than teach you something that they make you forget five minutes later."

"Don't question them. You'll be punished!"

I said, "But then they'll make me forget that they ever punished me to begin with."

"I'm going to summon them. You'll see."  She stood up with her hands to the sky and said, "Aliens, come!"

At that moment, a cloud covered the sun. There was a low rumble, and the next thing I knew, from the cloud came an elliptical craft made of some translucent metal with a spinning center band. It noiselessly hovered over us, and a thin slit opened up to reveal an array of colored lights.

I'm kidding. Nothing happened. I told her that I was probably going to go, and she sat back down on the bench, muttering something to herself. I left.


  1. Robots, aliens, gods. And to think I was so boring being a punk rocker. I clearly was not using my full potential. I should have been a ninja robot from outer space that could freeze time. I really missed the boat here.

  2. No dude, they really did come .... but they MADE YOU FORGET

  3. There seems to have been a deluge of these types of crazybat dates lately. What gives?

  4. ^Full moon? Eating products made in China?


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