You Can't Tell Just By Looking?

E-mail Submitted by Josie:

Hello dear--I send this to certain women who I'm sure of.  I want a lady who I can hug and habe me be able to link my hands together around her back because you know why.  My last two girlfriends they when I hugged them my hands couldn't join around.  It wa slike hugging a beach balls!  AAAA.

I want to hug someone completely and see if we would be as good together.  Nothing wrong wiht this I promise that I will not hug you with boner.  Just to see if my hands link!

Thank you and godbless..!



  1. Awww, he promised he wouldn't hug her "with boner" or anything. Such a sweet guy!

    He must own one of those "No fat chicks" shirts.

  2. ...speaking of beach balls, Lyle.

    Do you have some in your pants or are you just happy to be hugging me.


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