Glower Among the Flowers

Story Submitted by Gerry:

Aimee and I had already had a nice lunch, and we were walking through a small town's main street when we passed a flower shop.  She stopped and asked if we could go inside.

Once inside, she made a bee-line right for the display case with the lilies.  She stared at them and said, "I love lilies," then turned to me and repeated, "I love lilies!"

"They are beautiful," I agreed.

"Especially these," she said, then asked the shopkeeper, "How much for the lilies?"

The shopkeeper, a short girl in overalls, replied, "Five dollars a stem."

Aimee turned to me expectantly.  I said, "Get them, if you want.  Just so long as you don't mind carrying them around."

She wrinkled her face and said, "Eww," at me, then turned to the shopkeeper and said, "We might be back."

We left the store and Aimee was clearly upset.  I asked her, "Do you want to get some coffee?  Dessert?  Take a walk by a nearby stream?  Hit up the arcade?"

She turned to me, clenched fists, and yelled, "I want those lilies, damn it!"

I yelled back, "So go get them!"

She rolled her eyes, turned away, and said, "Never mind.  You're an idiot."

I knew, of course, that she wanted me to buy them for her, but, not being an idiot, I wasn't about to spend more money than I already had on lunch for the two of us.

She was walking away, but I caught up with her and said, "Aimee, I'll make you a deal.  I'll buy you a dozen of those lilies."

She frowned and asked, "For what in exchange?"

I said, "There's a video game that I've wanted to play, and there's an electronics store nearby.  You buy me the game, I'll buy you the lilies."

She said, "That's stupid.  Video games are like, sixty dollars."

I replied, "So are a dozen lilies."

"No they're not."

I reminded her, "They were five dollars each.  Twelve would be sixty."

Again, she rolled her eyes and said, "That's a stupid idea," and walked away and said, "Whatever.  Forget this."

I wasn't sure if the date was still going on, because of her dismissive tone.  So it could be that she had expected to continue spending the afternoon with me despite the lily incident.  However, I don't know why, but at that moment, I took it to mean that the date was over, and I walked away.  Never did hear from poor, sweet Aimee again.


  1. Another cheapskate. You knew she wanted them, and the $5 for one lily would have gone a long way.

  2. @theMediator

    You bring up a good point, but when dealing with someone like this, it could turn into a slippery slope. Today a lily, tomorrow a $600 hat.

  3. I'd gladly buy you lillies today in return for two-lips tomorrw

  4. No way Mediator... I'm all down for buying a date anything, as long as it's not expected. This girl clearly thought it would be okay to badger a guy into getting her something she wanted by calling him an idiot.

    The OP is far more reasonable than was called for. The correct response to a girl who expects you to buy things for her is given by Howie ^.

  5. Am I the only female poster on this?? *sigh*

    Anyway, she said she loved lilies. I agree with the Mediator--one sweet gesture of buying a lily would go a long way. Believe it or not, there are those of us girls out there who do not turn a $5 lily into a $600 hat. :P

    However, when he made it clear--and not very unkindly--that he would not buy a flower by saying "get them if you want", although she may have had a right to be upset , she didn't have the right to pout about it and send the date on a downhill slope.

    Hey, I'm just glad he didn't offer to buy her flowers in exchange for a blow job...

  6. I think this guy would rather date a WoW character then a actual woman.
    I think he was being a cheapskate. He didn't have to buy a whole dozen but a few would have done the trick and would have been a good girlfriend material test. But he probably bought that video game and fired off some knuckle children to an elf mage that night.

  7. I'm a girl and I'm definitely on the OP's side with this one. Her way of trying to get him to buy them sounds ridiculous. If she had just asked for one instead of acting like a whiny kid then it might have been different.

  8. He indicated that he really wanted that game, and she refused to buy it for him.... a $60 game could go a long way!

    (*cry* I wish games were $60 in Australia.)

  9. This is why I buy my own games... :P

  10. Eh, they are both kind of douchey


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