An X Chromosome?

E-mail Submitted by Carlos:

Hi you look like quite an athlete!  I also play sports like tennis, soccer, and softball.  How long have you played (anything?)?

I have something that was given to me by my father and it's so sacred and precious to me.  It made me who I am but I can't tell you what it is.  I know that if I show it to you you'll agree that it is life changing.  I just can't tell you what it is over e-mail.  Just know that it's important.

My life I can say I've lived in such a way that I've had way more experiences than people twice/three/four times my age.  I've been through so much but still I made it through somehow.  I'm writing a book about it and everyone will read it someday.

I like to go out and enjoy everything life has to offer, to go out in joy and LIVE!!!!!   If you like life you should e-mail me too.  If you don't write back, enjoy death.



  1. Ouch, that seemed a little unnecessary...

  2. I thought I was the only other immortal... you know, besides team Edward....

  3. I find it funny when people say "I've been through so much" as if the rest of us aren't dealing with our own bull crap each day. Which is not to say that some people don't deal with more than others. I've just heard this mantra before and it usually amounts to the same stuff we are all going through.

  4. Sure the email sounds positive but this girl cries at parties on half a Cruiser.

    The best thing to do with someone who announces they've "been through so much" is find another person who has also been through so much and watch them try to top each other.

  5. The life changing thing given by her dad....herpes?


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