Don't Let Dad Screen Your Dates

Story Submitted by John:

Dina and I met online.  She was 30, in grad school part time, studying psychology, and also worked for her college.  We chatted for a week or so, and it went well enough for me to ask her if she wanted to meet in person – something informal, over a drink, coffee, etc.

I didn't hear from her for a week, and during that time, I assumed that she might have had second thoughts.  Not a problem.  Sadly, I was used to such things.  But then, she wrote me back with a single question:

"What's your number?"

I gave it to her, and asked her in the message if everything was all right.

My phone rang that evening, and who was it on the phone but Dina's father.

"I just want to ask you a couple of questions," he said, "My daughter's still new at Internet relations.  First, what do you do for a living, and what is your living situation?"

I've never experienced such a thing before, but figured that everyone does the dating thing a little differently.  I answered him, "I work in real estate and I have my own place."

He asked, "What attracted you to my daughter?"

I said, "Her personality, how active she is, and I think she's attractive.  She has also had a lot of interesting experiences."

He asked, "And how much would you say you make a year?"

I said, "I'd rather not discuss my income."

"I'm sorry?"

"I'd rather not discuss my income, if that's all right."

He said, "I'm not going to mince words, young man.  If you think you're going to insert yourself into my daughter without her having a solid background in exactly who you are, then I'm afraid you're not going to be meeting her."

I didn't say anything.  He asked, "How much did you say you make a year?"

I said, "I didn't," and hung up.

Never heard from either of those crazies again.


  1. Good call. This guy would have been watching every single move you made and probably would have been following you out on dates as well.

  2. Did the father really say, "what it your living situation?"

  3. Did the father really say: "If you think you're going to insert yourself into my daughter without.... " ?!?!

    Or did he say 'insert yourself into her life...' ?

    Wow. And she's 30. 17, I can maybe see, but this is clearly a double barreled dodged bullet.

  4. OP is a flexible and sharp fellow.

  5. My day is now as creepy as it's going to get after reading "insert yourself into my daughter". Thanks.

  6. No biggie, really — Dad will let any guy with the right qualifications insert himself into his daughter.

  7. Should've told Dad an impressive income, inserted yourself into the daughter, thrown her $100, said "This is the rate your Dad and I negotiated based on my annual income" and left. Might have saved her years of letting Dad call her prospective dates.


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