Primal Thirst

Story Submitted by Bobbi:

Tim seemed interesting and normal when he started chatting with me at the grocery store. He was eight years older than I was, but I hadn’t had much luck with guys my age, so when he asked me out, I didn’t think too hard before agreeing to a date.

When the day rolled around for our date, he picked me up at my place.  On our way from my apartment to his car, he said, "I own three cars, but was sure to bring the nicest one just for our date."

The white Toyota Camry wasn't quite what I had expected, but I let it slide.

However, when he lit up a cigarette (he had failed to tell me that he smoked) I asked him, "Would you mind smoking outside the car or waiting for a little bit?  I don't like the smell."

“Are you serious?”

I said, “I’m sorry, but I really don’t like it.”


Once we arrived at the restaurant, he asked me to wait outside with him while he smoked before we went in.  I thought it was only fair, and figured that he would smoke at most one cigarette before dinner.  He smoked three.

After twenty minutes of awkward silences, we entered the restaurant.  All Tim could talk about was how he knew how to make money and how he was sure I was be impressed by him.  I wasn’t.

On the ride back to to my apartment, Tim placed his hand on my knee and slid my dress upward. I stopped his hand and said, "Would you mind not doing that?"

He asked, "Are you going to invite me up to your apartment?"

“I don’t think so.”

“But I'm thirsty.”

“I can bring you a bottle of water.”

“I hope that’s code for 'we’re going to have sex' and I get to drink you.”

“It’s not.”

Tim looked surprised and pulled over.  He said, "Get out of the car."

I was shocked and said, "You could at least drive me to my parking lot."

"That's not a good idea.  I'll drop you off a few blocks away from your place."

When he let me out, I said, "I'm sorry for not being the whore you thought I was."

"It's okay."

I slammed his door shut and he took off.

He left me a few messages, asking me to go out again because he was sure that I "realized my mistake."

I did, all right.


  1. wow. Nicfits are worse than I thought.

  2. That's just gross.

    I dated a smoker once. Never again. And not just because I'm married now.

  3. I love you mediator. "ew, smoking is gross!!!"

    This guy is epic. Either awesome or retarded. Epic non-the-less.

  4. The Camry was the nicest of the three cars. The other two were up on blocks.


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