How Dentists Attract Mates

E-mail Submitted by Genevieve:

Subject: Where is my dreamgirl?

We would look tremendously cute together!!

If you remain as well preserved as I, then I would be one happy guy. I just turned 38, but look more like 27 (don't let the age bother you). I look as hot as you... People often say I am both handsome and intelligent.

I live in Florida. Are you willing to relocate for your dream man/soulmate? I work in database ops in the Orlando area; I often visit my parents on most every weekends. Hope you are close with your family too. What is your ethnic background?

Age 21-35 preferred -
She must be: NONSMOKER (disgusting character flaw) NON-DRUG USER NON-DRINKER (some/moderate ok) NEVER-MARRIED - preferred, but if not EXPLAIN! NO CHILDREN DISEASE-FREE DEBT-FREE Good Hygiene And a nice smile..do you have goregeous teeth? Are they straight with a pretty natural cream white color to them in person? Ever wear braces? Retainers? Is your smile all natural or have you had work done to it? Silver fillings? Any crowns silver or gold etc? Missing teeth? Denture yet? Has your love of sweets given you lots of cavities? How many have you had?

You seem to have a sexy smile and a nice mouth to kiss and more to love!! kissably hot! You have a sexy overbite..makes me want to kiss it!  Piercings can be hot...especially tongue, down below and belly button...do you have those? Tattoos are NOT...they cheapen!

So many girls either have baggage or have slept around lots....I don't want either. We are very much alike in our requirements. I do not want anyone who has had a child from another man...actually creeps me out just to think about it.

Are there any decent girls any more?  Nothing sexier than a sensual shower and toothbrushing together!




    THIS IS THE BEST EMAIL EVER ON THIS SITE! (Well, tied with the one where the guy got all subliminal about cumming all over a girl's chest.)

  2. Hilarious. Jared, thank you for this site. I'll be sure to read to my one day future children stories from here instead of fairy tales.

  3. Eeeeeeeeewwwwwww... creepy stalker dentist serial killer...

    Nikki, why not combine the two?

    ...is your smile all natural or have you had work done to it? Silver fillings? Any crowns silver or gold etc? Missing teeth? and all over your chest Denture yet? Has your love of sweets given you lots of cavities? How many have you had?...

  4. I am the one who submitted this email (thanks for posting it, Jared!) and seriously, this guy is nuts! The original email is about four times as long and just gets weirder and weirder.

    He sent me the same exact email back in May and I didn't respond because, well, what exactly do you say? Then he sent the email to me again yesterday, and it was on. I responded and said I had ignored the first email because I thought it was a joke, and thanks but no thanks. He told me that I obviously hadn't been paying attention the first time and I wasn't taking dating seriously. Oh, and he called me a B.

    If that guy is representative of the guys out there, I'm happy to be single!

  5. Viva, thank you so much for sharing. Also chances are very good that if a guy ends up on this site (either as a date, a story teller, or a commenter), he's NOT representative of most/all guys out there. Same goes for any of the women on here. That's the beauty of this site: you never know what kind of crazy you're going to get.

  6. Thanks, Nikki! This site is always good for a laugh. There are so many different kinds of crazy out there!


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