But Who's Opening for Nirvana?

Story Submitted by Oren:

Sia and I had planned to go see one of our favorite bands together on our first date.  She did the research and told me when and where they would be performing.

We made it to the venue, and it turned out that our band wasn't in the lineup for that night.  Sia had accidentally looked at a club calendar from close to ten years ago.

Mistakes happen, and although I was disappointed, I didn't hold it against her.

Sia, however, turned it around on me:  "Why couldn't you double-check?  You made me come all the way out here, like an idiot."

I said, "I didn't double-check because I was under the impression that you were looking at this year's calendar."

At dinner, Sia kept checking her phone.  "I'm expecting an important text," she said.

A few minutes later, her important text arrived.  She excused herself from the table.

She didn't return after nearly a half-hour, and I called her.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Sia?  It's Oren."

As if nothing was amiss, she said, "Hey.  What's up?"

"When are you coming back?"

"I only just made it home.  I have to send out an important e-mail.  Give me, like, 20 minutes."

"You're home?"

"Yep.  See you soon!" and she hung up.

I paid for dinner and left for home.  An hour later, she called me up.

"Hey," she asked, over the phone, "Where the hell are you?"

"Home.  I wasn't going to wait."

"Oh.  Well, fine and fuck you, then," she said, and hung up.

Less than a week later, she called me again to ask if I wanted to drive her to Philadelphia for another concert.  I declined the offer.


  1. WHAT! who does that! she actually left and went home and then went back! lol. ive done some shit, but that's by far the weirdest way to end a date!

  2. I would have just chalked this up to a girl trying to get out of a bad date (including the part where she probably pretended to go back to the restaurant)...until she called about the trip to Philly.

  3. Yet another person that thinks that the world revolves around them and that all others should bend their lives to serve theirs.

    Also, why the hell did he wait half an hour to call? If she wasn't back in five - maybe ten minutes, I would have been trying to figure out where she went.

  4. Yeah, if my date is gone for 10 minutes I'm assuming she's stuck in the bathroom. After 15 minutes you can leave and decide if it's worth trying to hash out the why's on what happened.


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