"Not Nearly as Hard as it Sounds"

E-mail Submitted by Winni:

Your profile is well written and testy.  I want to know more about you.

I'm in the market for a girlfriend.  My dating days are behind me and I want someone to take care of and hug and hold.  I would think that most women would want to be hugged and held, but I'm surprised by how many seem content to keep searching and searching.

I send messages to women that are nice and kind and they don't ever reply.  I'm not sure why.  One of my conclusions involves the possible fact that they want a guy who they can walk all over.  That's not me.  Another possibility is that they're looking for someone who treats them like shit so that they can pretend to like them for a little while, then marry them and divorce and sue them.  It would account for the high divorce rate, wouldn't it!

I don't ever want to get divorced, so if we proceed, we'll set up a contract in which we both agree to never get divorced and to work through our problems forever and ever.  Not nearly as hard as it sounds  Trust me.

This might be a different message from what you're used to, but isn't that a good thing?  For once, a serious guy.



  1. Hmmm... A contract saying that two people will stay together and work out their problems? What a unique idea! Let's call it "marriage"

  2. Is it just me, or is it the "forever and ever" part that is the most sinister?

  3. Comment can't be "win" when it's what it references is a continual fail. After all, high divorce rate.

  4. The "contract" about always working out their problems "forever and ever" is the part that creeps me out. He could turn out to be an abuser who would think that just because they're in couples therapy together, that makes him better. God forbid she tries to leave him for her safety; he'd probably go nuts on her.

  5. I'm more freaked out that he seems to think "testy" is a compliment.

  6. Based on the title for this post, I was expecting it to go in a very different direction.


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