I'll File This Under "C" for "Creepy"

Story Submitted by Josefina:

Dennis was an attractive library worker who I got to know over the course of a few months.  I referred to him as the "hot librarian" when I talked about him to my friends, and he was easy enough on the eyes to encourage any warm-blooded woman to read more often.

I'd find excuses to query him about the latest releases, and soon enough we were off the subject of books on the the topic of each other.  He even took me out for lunch one day.  I liked how close we were becoming.

One day, I found myself in the library and he asked me if I wanted to help him close it up, after-hours.  The idea of being in a library after closing was really exciting to me.

After the last patron left, he and another librarian, an older woman, straightened up shelves and cleaned up the common areas.  I helped them as best as I could.  Then the older woman left, leaving Dennis and I alone.

He took me by the hand and led me to the reference section.  Then, he pushed me against the shelves, put his hand up my dress, and literally engulfed my lower face with his mouth.

It was hot, and I was turned on, but I also needed to breathe, so I pushed away and gasped.  He removed my skirt, and he took off his shirt, and... and...

Someone who wasn't me cleared her throat.  We looked down the row.  It was the older librarian.  She had come back, and stood at the end of the aisle, watching us.

"Joanne!" Dennis said, pulling his shirt back on, "I was just helping this lady find a dictionary.  Wasn't I?"  He looked at me and winked, as if Joanne would have been fooled by such an excuse.

Joanne said, "Sally's going to hear about this.  Get out.  Both of you."

I pulled my skirt on and Dennis said, "Sally doesn't have to know."  Sally, I gathered, was the library's head honcho.

Joanne said, "Oh, she does.  This sort of behavior won't be tolerated in my library."

Dennis advanced on Joanne as if he meant her harm, and she flinched back.  He shouted in her face, "I'll call down the devil himself if you breathe so much as a word of this."

"I'll call the police," Joanne squeaked.

He yelled, "You'll be dead before they get here!  Police can't raise the dead, can they?  Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead!"

She said nothing to that, but I said, "I'm going to go."

I walked out of there as fast as possible.  Dennis followed behind me and called, "I'll call you.  We'll talk."

Sure we will.


  1. You left the other librarian there without calling the cops when she was being assaulted with death threats??? How were you able to sleep at night not knowing if she was okay???

  2. The guy followed behind her, so she knew the librarian wasn't in any current danger. And if the older lady was smart, she'd have called the cops the moment the guy left.

  3. ^^ C'mon...he's a librarian...what's the worst he would do? Shush her to death?

  4. I guess as long as she wasn't dead before the cops got there then it's alright.

  5. Don't you guys know how competitive the librarian job market is? Local libraries are losing funding, and like any civil service job people park their asses in a position and defend it tooth and nail.

    Dennis had probably been targeted by the older lady before, constantly nit-picking every little goddamn thing he did wrong, all of those crazy new 'ideas' he brought from his more recent education, undermining him at every opportunity so that she could eliminate him and the threat to her civil service pension he represented. He, of course, was much less saavy at negotiating the bullshit politics of the city government, which explains his panic and the poor choice of conflict resolution he pursued.

  6. ^ Then he probably shouldn't have been having sex at work while on duty. Just sayin'.

  7. ^^It was after hours. Besides, how do you think those books get that funky smell, anyway?

  8. ^ have you ever had a job that required you to close and be there after hours? He had a stranger there after hour when he was still on duty and being paid to be there. Any place I've ever worked, that equals FIRED.


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